Snoring can be problematic on multiple levels. It could be a symptom of a potentially dangerous sleep disorder, and it could be making it difficult for your partner to get a good night’s rest. If your partner has noted or complained about your snoring, there are steps you can take to help. Working with our team at All Smiles Sleep Solutions, we can investigate the cause of your snore, determine if it is causing a cessation of your breath and see how we can open your airway to relieve the sound and blockage.

Why am I snoring? 

Snoring is a rattling of tissue while you breathe. It occurs generally while you sleep because the tissue in your throat is in a different position and the muscles have relaxed. There are multiple reasons a person may snore. It can be due to: 

Throat Structure: For some patients, the structure of the throat area can make them more susceptible to snoring. It can be the shape of the throat, the amount of tissue present, or even the size and movement of their tongue.

Nasal Structure: For some patients, the structure of their upper airway, or nasal cavity can make them more susceptible to snoring. Patients may have a deviated septum, either naturally, or following an impact injury. The nasal passageway may be cut off or smaller in size.

Allergies: Allergies can be such a frustration for some. They can cause irritation, inflammation, and congestion. Any one, or combination, of these attributes can create an environment for snoring.

Weight Gain: Whether you have gained weight from pregnancy, lifestyle choices, hormone changes, or more, excess weight can create excess tissue in many places, including in your throat. 

How can I help my partner sleep better? 

At All Smiles Sleep Solutions, we understand that no one wants to be a disturbance to their partner. The reality is your partner is not getting a good night’s rest. We can help both of you sleep better.

There are multiple options available to increase your airway and help you get a more peaceful and thorough sleep. The CPAP is often the first recommendation of physicians, but our dental team has a better understanding of your entire oral cavity, and we can work with you to find options to open your airway without the bulky machinery. We can discuss both surgical and non-surgical options. In fact, oftentimes, our patients find that simply wearing a custom oral device while they sleep makes all the difference.

We invite you to learn more about your snoring, how it is causing both personal problems and couple problems, and how we can fix it. We think you’ll be surprised just how easy it can be. Your partner doesn’t have to sleep in the other room to avoid your snoring. You have options. For more information, contact our Land O’Lakes office at 813-461-6570.

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