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Thank you for exploring oral appliance therapy with All Smiles Sleep Solutions. If you have a patient you think might be a good candidate for oral appliance therapy, or want to learn more about custom oral appliances, we are here to help.

What are oral appliances for sleep apnea?

Oral appliances are devices that are placed in the mouth to help keep the airway open during sleep. They are a non-surgical treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a sleep disorder that is characterized by repeated episodes of airway collapse during sleep.

How do oral appliances work?

There are three main types of oral appliances used to treat OSA: mandibular advancement devices (MADs), nasal dilators, and tongue-stabilizing devices (TSDs). MADs work by moving the lower jaw forward, which enlarges the airway and prevents it from collapsing. Nasal dilators are designed to open your nasal airways and help you breathe better through your nose while you sleep. TSDs work by stabilizing the tongue in a forward position, which also helps to keep the airway open.

Who is a good candidate for oral appliance therapy?

Oral appliance therapy is a good option for people with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) who are not able to tolerate CPAP therapy. It is also a good option for people who travel frequently or who have difficulty using CPAP therapy at night.

What are the benefits of oral appliance therapy? 

Oral appliance therapy can be an effective treatment for OSA. It can improve symptoms such as daytime sleepiness, snoring, and fatigue. It can also improve quality of life and reduce the risk of health problems associated with OSA, such as heart disease and stroke.

What does All Smiles Sleep Solutions offer?

Oral Appliance

Oral Appliances

If a patient is unable to use a CPAP or struggles getting comfortable while using one, an oral appliance might be a great alternative for them.



We offer the latest in sleep apnea technology to ensure that our patients receive the best treatment possible.

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Home Sleep Test

Home Sleep Test

If during your consultation it is suspected that you may suffer from sleep apnea, we will assist you in ordering a convenient and accurate home sleep test designed to assist in the diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing.

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Our top priority is helping our patients breathe and sleep better.

We work with you to educate and inform patients on the benefits of effectviely treating sleep apnea through the use of custom oral appliances.

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