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Mental Health and Sleep Apnea

Woman smiling with green drink in hand.Obstructive sleep apnea can be bad for your physical health in the long term, but more immediately, it can be bad for your mental health. Many people choose to ignore the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea, but this is also choosing for your body to not get the sleep it requires to be rested and ready for your day. At All Smiles Sleep Solutions, we can help you get a more complete night’s rest by relieving the obstruction that is causing your brain to send stress signals and disturbing your sleep. We provide a wide range of possibilities - some are surprisingly simple.

When a person has obstructive sleep apnea, their airway is either partially or fully obstructed from getting the intake of air that we need to function. When this happens, the brain responds by sending out stress hormones, or adrenaline, to jar the person just enough to open wide and take a deep breath. It may not fully wake the person, but it does take them out of REM and into the light sleep range. The result is a person who is unrested. This combination is going to leave a person in a poor mental health state.

People with obstructive sleep apnea often wake feeling one or multiple of the symptoms listed below, including:
•  Waking feeling unrested: The truth is, if you have sleep apnea, you often are unrested. Your body was unable to get the REM or deep sleep that you need.
•  Waking with a headache: You may experience a headache from the lack of sleep, or the stressful night sleep that you unknowingly had.
•  Sleepiness during your day: You're going to feel tired easier and faster because you didn’t sleep adequately before.
•  Irritable: Along with being tired comes easier anger, feelings of frustration, or irritability. Your mental health can be reliant on getting the rest your body and brain both need.
•  Fatigue: Fatigue is more than just tiredness or sleepiness, it is an extreme exhaustion giving you feelings of just not being able to carry on with normal tasks.
•  Depression: Depression is defined as a constant feeling of sadness. You may feel lost, or uninterested in things that normally bring you happiness. You may have these feelings on a broad spectrum, some may feel minor, others moderate, and others extreme.

Oral Appliance Therapy to Help with Sleep Apnea

We provide options to help you breathe better while you sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea can occur for multiple reasons, and because of that, we offer multiple options to help treat it. One option is through the use of a customized appliance designed to open the airway where you need it most. The first step is in determining why you have a blockage and then determine how we can help the airway be more open. The answer could be as simple as wearing a retainer-like device.
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