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Increase Your Comfort with an Oral Appliance

Photo of an oral appliance.A common recommendation for patients with obstructive sleep apnea is the use of a CPAP machine. Using forced air may do the job, but it comes with a lot of discomfort. From bulky machinery, to the noise involved, and the hassle of transport, using a CPAP may be helpful, but it is not comfortable. We have options that can help you breathe better while you sleep and are much more comfortable and easy to use. Ask our team at All Smiles Sleep Solutions about oral appliances to help with obstructive sleep apnea. It could be as simple as wearing a retainer while you sleep.

People with obstructive sleep apnea have either a partial or complete blockage in their airway. This can be due to multiple reasons including:
•  Excessive Tissue: A patient may have excessive tissue in their upper airway, their throat, or just in the surrounding structure. This can be due to weight gain, inflamed tissue, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, or just how the structure naturally is. We will want to investigate the cause of the excessive tissue and discuss options. Pulling the lower jaw slightly forward with a mandibular advancement device can help.
•  Deviated Septum: Most breathing occurs through the nose. If the septum is out of alignment, or pushed to one side, then the nasal cavity can be decreased in size or even cut off from allowing air to pass through easily. Some patients naturally have a deviated septum, or it can occur from an impact injury such as a fall, hit, or while playing sports. We will want to help the airways be more open to allow more air to pass through.
•  Allergies: Patients with allergies can suffer from congestion and inflammation in the nasal tissue. Opening the nasal passage and decreasing inflammation can make a difference. There are tools to help decrease the inflamed tissue of the turbinates. Nasal dilators can help open these airways.
•  Tongue: The tongue can play a role in obstructive sleep apnea. It can be slightly larger, or have the ability to slip backwards toward the throat while you sleep. We can stabilize the tongue with an oral appliance helping you keep the airway open.

The first step is in determining what is causing the blockage, then we can discuss what treatment is recommended, which often includes an oral appliance. Our patients find the use of an oral appliance significantly more comfortable and easy to wear. They love them because they:
•  Breathe Better: Breathing can change when you lay down to sleep. The passageway changes in a laying down position compared to an upright position. In addition, while sleeping, your muscles relax, meaning tissue becomes more hanging causing a possible blockage.
•  Sleep Better: Obstructive sleep apnea prevents you from getting the full nights rest you need. By breathing better, you can get the REM sleep your body needs.
•  Increased Comfort: A CPAP machine may give you the air you need, but it can be loud, bulky, and frustrating to travel with. An oral appliance removes those frustrations and lets you breathe without the machine.
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