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Birth Control and Dental Health

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Office
Birth Control and Dental HealthBirth control versus oral health? I know it comes as a surprise to many but, birth control medication has a critical connection to your dental health.

Ideally, birth control medications are designed to prevent fertility in women and avoid pregnancy. According to experts, these medications affect women's hormones, ultimately increasing their sensitivity to oral complications. Consequently, the net result is the implications for the blood supply into the gums and the body's response to dental diseases. This leads to susceptibility and severity in cases of oral infections.

How does Birth Control Affect Oral Health?

Women who use oral contraceptives have shown cases of inflamed gum tissues due to the body's exaggerated effects as a response to the accumulated plaque toxins in the mouth. The contraceptives contain progesterone in their ingredients, hence the reaction. Gladly, with the improved technology and research undertaken on the same, modern contraceptives have been made to contain low quantities of progesterone hence having minimal impacts on patients. Experts have identified a critical connection between using birth control pills and decreased natural estrogen and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). The birth control pills can reduce the production of natural estrogen by the body, which then impacts TMJ. Consequently, as TMJ leads to higher compressions within the joints, the lower estrogen levels fuel occurrences of inflammation-causing osteoarthritis in the mouth.

Nonetheless, injectable progesterone contraceptives have been identified as resulting in gingival and periodontal complications. Furthermore, the contraceptives contain progesterone and estrogen, which increases the chances of contracting periodontal disease, plaque build-up, and inflammations.

Offering Care

We know you may opt for a birth control method even after reading this article which we don't advise against. However, it's recommended to consult our dentist before taking such medications. This will ensure the dentist advises you accordingly and even recommends the necessary antibiotics to reduce birth control effects. Call us today and book an appointment with our team of professionals.
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