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Effects of soda on dental health

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Office
Effects of soda on dental healthSoda contains excessive amounts of sugar. The sugar in the drink lingers in your mouth, providing food for the bacteria contained in plaque. These bacteria then produce acids that erode your enamel. The main effects soda has on your teeth are eroding your enamel and aiding in the development of cavities.

Eroding the enamel

When you drink soda, its sugars feed the acid-producing bacteria on your teeth. The acids produced then eat out your enamel, making it soft and weak. Soda is also acidic. The acid it contains weakens the enamel in contact.

Since it is a near-impossible task to stop taking soda, our specialists recommend drinking water immediately after. The water will flush away any lingering sugar and acids preventing damage to your teeth.


Cavities take time to develop, but regular soda consumption certainly fastens the process. When you drink soda at night, the bacteria in your mouth have more time to interact with the soda sugar to damage your teeth further. Soda also damages the inner softer layer of the tooth known as dentin.

Once your tooth enamel breaks, bacteria access the inner part of your tooth, spreading faster and leading to dental infections and toothaches, characterized by severe pain.

Experts' advice

It's important to avoid brushing your teeth immediately after taking a soda. The acidic component in the soda softens your enamel hence weakening it. Brushing a weakened enamel will only cause more damage. We, therefore, recommend that you wait for about half an hour before brushing your teeth. Moreover, you can replace soda with less acidic drinks such as sprite.

Visit our practice for further information on the detrimental effects soda has on your dental health and ways to prevent or manage these side effects. Contact us now and have your appointment booked.
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