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How to Avoid Staining Cavities During Braces Treatment

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Office
How to Avoid Staining Cavities During Braces TreatmentYou might have come across a friend, relative or colleague who had braces and after removal, what was left was a set of not so good looking stained teeth. You might be asking yourself what on earth could have possibly gone wrong during treatment.

What Causes Cavities Staining?

When having braces, plaque may build up behind the wires and around the brackets. The plaque then turns into tartar causing a yellowish or brownish discoloration on your teeth. Basically when you do not practice good oral hygiene when having braces, cavities staining is bound to happen. Below are other causes of stained cavities.

Taking foods and drinks that are colorful. Some of the foods that may leave stains on your teeth include beets, berries, curries, grape juice and coffee. The brackets on ceramic braces are more likely to stain from consumption of such foods.

Smoking and use of tobacco products. Smoke from cigarettes can pass through the brackets of braces and cause discoloration underneath.

How to Avoid Cavities Staining

Regular dental checkups. You should visit the dentist more often when wearing braces for checkup and thorough cleaning to remove plaque that may build up. This will prevent the plaque from becoming hard and forming calculus that stains your teeth. Old rubber bands and ligatures that may cause stains are also replaced.

Proper oral hygiene. Your orthodontist gives you instructions on how you should take care of your teeth during treatment. Brush your teeth thoroughly after every meal and use dental floss and mouthwash to ensure that your teeth are free from plaque.

Use an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are very effective in cleaning teeth when you have braces due to their rotating head which makes cleaning faster, more effective and easy. For more information, come see us at our dental clinic.

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