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What are the signs of poor oral hygiene

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Office
What are the signs of poor oral hygieneNeglected oral hygiene manifests in several ways, from dental diseases like cavities to deteriorated general health, for example, cardiovascular diseases. Some of the common indicators of poor oral hygiene are.

Tooth pain and sensitivity

Several reasons can cause this: broken, fractured, or cracked teeth, dental cavities, reconstructions that do not fit, abscess, tooth grinding, or a tooth infection. In case of tooth pain, one should visit a dentist to treat the cause as the pain could persist even if cleanings are made frequent.

Sharp, excruciating pain on the gums or teeth when one ingests something cold or hot is a common experience and is mostly overlooked. However, it could indicate a serious dental condition, for example, periodontitis.

Swollen gums, growths and tumors

Swelling, discoloration of the gums, or bleeding indicate poor oral hygiene. If this symptom persists, it indicates an irritant in the gum line. Treating gum disease early helps prevent receding or unstable teeth.

Malignant or benign tumors could grow in the mouth due to neglected oral hygiene, poor dieting, or other destructive habits, for example, tobacco use. Lumps, lesions, or soreness that persists should have one meet up with the dentist for a check-up.

Mouth ulcers and bad breath

Sores could develop in the mouth due to too many spicy foods or bites inside the mouth, cheeks, or tongue by mistake. However, if the sores appear out of nowhere and persist, it could indicate oral cancer or diabetes. A visit to the dentist could uncover the cause and put in motion the proper treatment in these cases.

Foul breath or halitosis could be normal after eating a heavy or spicy meal, and this goes away after brushing or rinsing. But if the bad breath persists, it could indicate excessive bacterial or plaque build-up or gingivitis.
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