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Information About Amalgam Fillings

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Office
Information About Amalgam FillingsAmalgam is a dental filling made of an alloy of metals consisting of silver, liquid mercury, tin, and copper. It is also referred to as silver filling and fills tooth cavities caused by tooth decay. Some factors determine the filling material to use on a cavity. They include your filling budget, the severity of the tooth decay, and your preferences.

Why Should I choose Amalgam?

Amalgams are potent and can withstand a strong-chewing force. They are durable and can last up to 10 to 15 years, and typically outlasts composite fillings. Amalgam is very affordable compared to other fillings and we have been using it for hundreds of years to help millions of patients. They are the best filling for patients who are at high risk of tooth caries. They are also convenient in tooth areas where moisture makes it hard to use other filling materials.

Can Amalgam be Suitable For all Individuals?

Amalgam contains mercury which comes out in trim levels and can be harmful to children and pregnant women. This is because mercury affects the development of neurological systems in young children and fetuses. Some patients are allergic to mercury and other amalgam elements, and these patients may develop oral lesions when they use amalgam.

Amalgam Filling Steps

The initial step is numbing the area around the affected tooth. We will do this with an anesthetic. Next, we use an air abrasion instrument or a drill to carefully remove the decayed portion. The next step is to test the area during removal to ensure that we have removed all the decay from your tooth. After removing the decayed portion, the next step is to prepare filling space by cleaning the cavity of debris and bacteria. When the decay is close to the root, we use a liner to protect your nerve. Finally, we fix and polish the filling.

If you need our filling services, schedule an appointment with our office to get more information on amalgam. We will also help you maintain the filling by giving you information on the best oral hygiene practices.

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